Articles of Faith

Articles of Faith and Doctrine
Our Articles of Faith and Doctrine provide summary statements about our theological beliefs.

We affirm an understanding of scriptural interpretation that recognizes:

The inspiration and illumination of the Holy Spirit
The centrality of Christ in divine revelation
The New Testament as interpreter of the Old Testament
The scriptural focus on piety and obedience
The essential value of community consensus in the interpretive process
These articles are to serve as summary statements of our beliefs. Because each closely relates to one another, it is best to read them as a whole. The Brethren in Christ U.S. Manual of Doctrine and Government more fully explains our understanding of biblical faith and the Christian life.

Following each doctrinal statement is a listing of selected Scripture references. As the article grows out of the totality of the biblical message, these references are only illustrative of the scriptural truths identified in each section.

Revelation and Scripture
God and Creation
Humanity and Sin
Jesus Christ and Salvation
The Holy Spirit and the Church
Eternal Hope and Judgment